Eye Bag Removal Surgery In Singapore

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Things to consider before getting your eyebag surgery done in Singapore

Eye bag removal surgery, or “eyebag surgery” for short, is currently the most effective way to get rid of eye bags in Singapore. While people who have Stage 2 eyebags can opt to go for non-surgical alternatives, for sufferers of Stage 3 eye bags, this is the only solution.

Any surgical procedure, regardless of how invasive it is, requires some careful consideration before signing up for it. Here are a few factors you should think about if you are serious about getting your eyebag surgery done in Singapore.

Eye Bag Surgery Cost

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As eyebag removal surgery is a rather straightforward process that takes less than an hour to complete, the cost is relatively low. Typical prices for eye bag surgery in Singapore sit at around $1,500 to $2,000. Those with budget concerns often look abroad to cheaper countries like Thailand, where the price of 1 surgery can go as low as $300. Nonetheless, we do not recommend this and we will provide very good reasons shortly.

EyeBag Surgery Doctors

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Any certified aesthetic surgeon will be able to perform this procedure easily. But what separates a great surgeon from a good one? The key qualities we should be looking for are experience and expertise. Certified cosmetic surgeons are skilled in a variety of procedures, but some are extremely specialized in performing eyebag removal surgery. For eye bag removal in Singapore, Dr Adrian from Illumia is a veteran surgeon with more than 1,200 cases under his belt. Ideally, you’d want a specialist the same way you’ll prefer to see a dermatologist if you’ve got skin problems, as opposed to just any random doctor.

Eyebag Surgery Follow-up

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One of the most important considerations that many neglect. Although the actual surgery only takes 30-45 minutes, and downtime isn’t long, you will still be required to go for a followup checkup with your doctor. This is to ensure everything is fine and also allows him to help you in case complications arise. It is also for this very reason that we never recommend patients going overseas for any type of surgery that can otherwise be done in Singapore. You might pay slightly more, but the peace of mind and assurance that comes with it is priceless. This is especially so when it comes to a sensitive organ like your eyes.

It is the same reason why we buy our bags and watches from official stores instead of 3rd party dealers or online. We know we will get authentic items from the store and are guaranteed to avoid fakes and scams. So always choose the best doctor available.

Do your eye bag removal in Singapore for maximum safety and peace of mind. It is definitely worth the difference in price.