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Sagging skin can be caused due to different reasons. While most common age-related reasons are loss of facial fat whose absence can cause skin to droop and loss of collagen which can lead to less elastic skin. However, there exist different facelift Singapore ways that can let you get rid of sagging skin.

  1. Non-invasive face lifting
  2. Treatments for different ages
  3. Surgery vs Minimally-invasive vs Non-invasive methods
  4. Different non-invasive face lifting Singapore options
  5. Thread-lift
  6. Ultra-former 3 HIFU
  7. Botox Lift
  8. Filler Lift

Non-invasive face lifting

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An aging or sagging skin can sap the confidence. Even though these signs are unwelcomed but still these are inevitable. However, modern skin tightening or non-invasive skin lifting technologies can help you to turn the clock backwards and can help you to regain youthful skin.

What technologies are there for Facelift Singapore?

There are different non-invasive technologies available which you can consider as effective face lifting solution. However, most common ones are:

  1. HIFU
  2. Radio Frequency
  3. Botox Lift
  4. Thread Lift
  5. Filler lifts.

What is a facelift used for?

The non-invasive face lift treatments are highly effective for refining wrinkles and face lifts. These solutions can help you to get firmer and youthful skin without any risk which are associated with surgical procedures.

Which parts of the faces it can address?

Non-invasive face lift technologies are effective to address different parts including:

  1. Jowls
  2. Jawlines
  3. Drooping brows
  4. Neck lines
  5. Double chin
  6. Forehead wrinkles
  7. Crow’s feet
  8. Cheeks

Pros of non invasive facelifts

Here are some amazing benefits of non-invasive face lifts you must know:

  1. Non-invasive face lift procedures result in rejuvenated look naturally.
  2. Non-invasive face lifts are cost-effective.
  3. These are less painful
  4. You have to go through a shorter procedure time.
  5. Aftercare required for a non-invasive face lift procedure is minimal.
  6. Non-invasive face lifts also contain fewer risks involved.

Cons of non invasive facelifts

  1. You need a regular touch up.
  2. You might have to bear added costs over time.

Treatments for different ages


  • Women in 20s: as in this age wrinkles usually haven’t etched in the face deeply, therefore, Botox can be effective to consider. This can help you in achieving relaxed expressions.
  • Women in 30s: for the age of 30s, dermal fillers can be an effective treatment to consider.
  • Women in 40s: In the age of forty the best face lifting treatments you can consider are dermal fillers and ultra-former 3 HIFU.
  • Women in 50s: Most commonly women go under surgical processes to get rid of prominent aging signs from their faces.

Surgery vs Minimally invasive vs Non-invasive methods

There are different kinds of treatments available to improve or alter how your face look. these methods generally fall in three different categories which are surgical process, minimally invasive process and non-invasive process. Have a look at the available treatments in all these categories:

  • Surgery: There are treatments which involve surgical process to tighten skin such as, Face lift, brow lift.
  • Partially invasive: Minimal or partially invasive refers to procedures like facial injectables.
  • Non-invasive: Non-invasive are using a combination of skin tightening techniques. Some of common options are Ultra-former 3 HIFU, and thread lift along with Botox and fillers.

Different non-invasive face lifting Singapore options



Thread lift is a procedure in which temporary structures are being used to create a subtle and visible lift in skin. A thread lift is one of the popular cosmetic procedures which are being used to give a visible lift to the sagging skin. This procedure is also known as lunch hour face lift, because it takes only up to one hour to get done with this procedure. Even more, the lesser pain and instant recovery are also making thread lifting a popular procedure to be considered for face lifting.

What is a Thread Liftt for?

Thread lift can be used for different purposes. Some of the essential options are given below which will let you know what it is actually for.

Thread lift is an FDA approved procedure which can be used:

  1. For lifting facial tissues
  2. For skin rejuvenation to make it look firmer and more rested.
  3. To get rid of aging problems including fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.
  4. As an effective alternative to a complete face lift
  5. To achieve a more youthful look
  6. To get more defined facial contour

How is a Thread Lift done?


A careful pre-planning is necessary to be done before starting the procedure of thread lifting. After that the surgeon will start the procedure of thread lifting with the application of anesthesia. For the process of thread lifting, it is not necessary to use general anesthesia rather you can also go with the application of local anesthesia.

In this procedure needles are being placed in the skin that are preloaded with Polydioxanone thread. The needle will be inserted into the skin to keep PDO in your skin while the needle will be removed. While, the thread will create immediate tightening effect in your skin.

Why and how is Threadlifting effective?

Most amazing thing about thread lift is that it is super quick. While, its results last for a longer period of time. while, thread lifting will work effectively to stimulate collagen production. Therefore, even if the thread is resolved in the skin, still you can observe lifting effects.

Key benefits of Threadlifts

For most of the patients the biggest advantage of going through a thread lift face lift procedure is the greatly decreased time of recovery which is linked with thread lifting. When a patient is going through any face lift surgery then most of the times the patient must be sedated heavily. Even in some cases patients need a help to drive back home from the hospital. Most of the patients who have gone through a facelift procedure also need around the clock assistance for at least three days from a caretaker after they have done with their surgery.

While, when it comes to thread lift then the recovery from this procedure of face lifting is easier competitively. Most interestingly, this procedure can also be performed under any local anesthesia rather than using general one. It means patients who have undergone a thread lift procedure can drive and look after themselves immediately after the process is completed. Furthermore, thread lift is a more affordable face lift procedure as compared to other face lift procedures.

Precautions to take after a thread lift

Although thread lift is an effective procedure which is not intensive particularly, but still it is important to take some minor precautions under consideration while healing. Make sure not to rub your face strongly. If you are experiencing any irritation or itching which doesn’t occur too often with this procedure, ask your surgeon to prescribe a solution. Stay realistic in your expectations.

How to get most out of your thread lift?

As thread lift is boasting a lower recovery time and containing low risk, but at the same time it provides short-term improvements only. But to get most out of your thread lift procedure you can consider to combine it with any other effective face lift procedure too. This can be a more effective way to create more noticeable and comprehensive results in the best possible way.

Ultra-former 3 HIFU


It is a vital fact that with the growing age our skin also begins to undergo the natural aging process and starts to show aging signs such as saggy skin, fine lines, wrinkles, hollowness, pigmentation, etc. Along with all these aging signs saggy skin is one of the most common concern among the people at the present time. That is why more and more people want to treat this problem first as compared to any else. However, when it comes to treat the saggy skin along with treating other aging issues, then you must want to go with an effective and safe skin lifting procedure at that time. While, Ultra-former 3 HIFU is one of the safest ways to treat your sagging skin.

Ultra-former 3 HIFU is a very popular non-invasive face lifting, countering and tightening solution. You can get an effective yet customized Ultra-former 3 HIFU treatment for your entire face or body.

What is HIFU treatment for?

Are you troubled by the wrinkles and fine lines on your face? Ultra-former 3 HIFU is an effective solution for you to get your youthful complexion back in an effective way. This is a customized and non-invasive procedure which can give you a youthful look.

How is HIFU done?

Ultra-former is the latest evaluation in the field of aesthetic science. It is a revolutionary technology which is meant to tighten your skin with least or even no patient downtime. In this face lift procedure power of ultrasound which is also called High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or Ultherapy to lift not only the skin of the patient but also the underneath layer of deep muscles too to ensure more effectiveness of this treatment.

Ultra-reformer 3 HIFU is an amazing micro and macro focused solution. A high intensity focused ultrasonic ultra-former device is being used in this to target 3 different skin layers. This multi-layered treatment is meant to address your concerns. This procedure can be done without effecting unintended tissue layers and areas to induce correction.

HIFU transducers will deliver concentrated ultrasound waves into skin’s multiple layers and tissues of body without even making any direct contact with other than affected areas to avoid any damage. Technician will transfer stabilized temperature to the targeted areas. The ultra-former can induce neo-collagenesis process.

Key benefits of HIFU treatment

Here are key benefits of ultra-former 3 HIFU treatment:

  1. Ultra-former 3 HIFU is using deep dermal micro heating as well as contraction to ensure multi-layered tightening, lifting and rejuvenation effect. Most amazingly, this is one of the most effective procedure which has the ability to promote maximum production of collagen which will ultimately, improve the youthful and smoother look.
  2. This effective face lift procedure is designed effectively for the people of every age. This treatment is offering three energy levels, each of which can target a different layers or depths of skin. However, patients can customize the level of this treatment as per their needs.
  3. As the ultra-former 3 HIFU is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, therefore, it comes up with very minimal patient downtime.
  4. Patient can acquire this treatment for all over face treatment and even to target the areas which are hard to reach including neck, eyes or body.
  5. This face lift procedure can produce excellent results for skin tightening, pore and wrinkle reduction, face lifting, contour of cheek lines and jowl and skin tone improvement.
  6. This face lift procedure is meant to create a youthful, new and firmer structure for the skin by promoting the production of collagen. This process will enhance collagen regeneration which will provide effective result over a longer period of time.

Post treatment precautions after HIFU

Although there are no specific precautions which you need to follow after getting this treatment but using a sunscreen is important to prevent your skin from damage.

Botox Lift


Botox lift is another cosmetic procedure from the endless beauty regimens and cosmetic procedures available to us at the present time. Botox lift is one of the most sought-after procedures because of the quick results and effectiveness this can produce.

Botox lift is a simple non-invasive treatment which can smooth moderate to severe wrinkles and fine lines. It is the only of its type treatments that have been approved from FDA.

Botox lift is one of the most incredible solution which can be used to treat fine lines, and wrinkles as well as can enhance the appearance of facial structure in the best possible way.

What is a Botoxlift for?

Most commonly Botox lift is being used to reduce, treat or even prevent the fine lines, and wrinkles in the key areas of your eyebrows, forehead as well as crow’s feet which can be found around your eye areas. Cosmetically, Botox lift procedure can also be used to reduce lines around your jaw or mouth, lift the mouth corners, thin the face or flip the lip.

Even more, this is an effective procedure which tons of people prefer for skin tightening. More amazingly, Botox lift is also effective for minimizing pores and improving skin texture.

How is a botoxlift procedure done?

An aesthetic cream will be applied to the face first, then tiny Botox injections with fine needles will be placed all over the face in strategic locations. This procedure takes up to 20 minutes to be done and discomfort during procedure is minimal.

When Botox lift is going to be handled by an expert and trained professional then it will be able to do much more than just enhancing your image cosmetically.

How does a Botoxlift works?

There is always a definite reason behind the appearance of wrinkles specially in the most predictable spots. Most commonly, we keep using specific muscle contraction because of common repeated expressions such as frowning, smiling, squinting, etc. With the passage of time this muscle contraction can get deepen and may intensify lines in the overlaying skin. When Botox is going to be injected in your skin, it will block local nerve impulse temporarily by softening your expressions, relaxing your nerves, as well as reducing unwanted lines which will come with them.

Key benefits of a Botox Lift

  1. Botox lift treatment is more affordable as compared to other similar treatments.
  2. The procedure of Botox lift doesn’t take much time to get done completely. It because you need to manage a 20-minute procedure session for this.
  3. Results of Botox lift treatment can last for up to 4 months. Most amazingly, the procedure will not hurt you and doesn’t associate any side effects if going to be done professionally.
  4. Botox Lift procedure is meant to Improve appearance of your overall image cosmetically.

Are there any risks associated with BotoxLift?

Well, when it comes to Botox lift then this is a relatively safer face lift treatment which doesn’t come with many risks. However, it is always recommended to get this treatment from a certified and qualified medical professional to make sure right dosage is going to be administered and the right techniques are going to be practiced.

If you are going to allow any uncertified or unqualified person to perform this treatment then you might end up with frozen expressions, muscle drooping or even non-symmetrical results.

Filler Lift


Filler lift is an effective skin tightening solution that can treat sagging skin effectively. More commonly people are using filler lift treatment to alter or enhance their look or to get rid of their sagging skin. However, when it comes to consider a filler lift treatment then you must know the most commonly or widely used filler for this kind of treatment is hyaluronic acid, which can also be found in your skin naturally.

Fortunately, it contains the ability to keep moisture stored. However, these fillers are generally a substance just like a gel which has the ability to create volume in your skin. Once these are going to be injected into your skin, these will start to integrate into the skin substance which will result in attracting hydrating surrounded tissues and attracting water molecules. However, there exist some other types of fillers too which are being used for same purpose.

What is a Filler lift for?


Firstly, filler lift treatment was being used to treat creases or facial lines in order to get rid of the signs of aging. However, at the present time, this treatment is also being used to enhance your facial features too which includes creating more defined jawlines, sharper cheekbones, prominent lips, and straighter noses.

All and all, this is an effective solution for mini face lift which can result in skin tightening. It can also help in clearing fine lines.

How is a fillerlift done?

In this procedure injectable fillers are being used to achieve a face lift. These fillers can help in restoring or reshaping facial volume to give patient a more youthful look.

Fillers which are being used in the filler treatment are actually gel-like substance which will be injected into various parts of the skin. However, the consistency and depth of the injection of the filler has the ability to dictate the results which someone is going to achieve as a result of this treatment.

Deep injections with the firm fillers will be able to create shape and volume to the face. While, mid deep injections with the fillers which are medium fillers are effective to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or creases. However, on the other hand using soft fillers with superficial injections into dermis can also help in the process of smoothing out the fine lines, plump and can hydrate your skin in a more effective way. It clearly means the consistency and depth of filler injection will completely depends on the needs of your treatment.

Why and how is a fillerlift effective?

This face lift solution can fix sagging skin by tightening muscles and tissues in the face area. this procedure will lift the skin and reposition it effectively. Ultimately, it will result in skin tightening. It is because excess skin will be moved to prevent sagginess further.


Even more, as most of the filler lift treatments are using hyaluronic acid as a filler and this is a natural substance which is present in our bodies. therefore, it is normally well-accepted by the body of the person getting the treatment as being natural substance.

Although the results which will arise with a filler lift treatment will vary from person to person as well as the area which is going to be treated in this. However, most of the filler treatment results last for up to 18 months.

Key benefits of Filler Lifts

  1. Filler lift has the ability to do much more than just improving the appearance of creases or wrinkles now. As these are capable of providing you tightened skin, minimized pores, as well as improved structure of pores.
  2. Filler lift treatment can let you experience noticeable results immediately.
  3. Most commonly, filler lift treatment doesn’t come with severe pain. You might feel a slight discomfort which can also be minimized with the application of an anesthetic cream.

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