How to remove eyebags and stop looking tired

Eyebags are that puffiness or swelling which seems to appear under the eyes and do not disappear easily – gets worse when sleeping time is reduced. As age increases, the eyebags might become more obvious as the eye muscles weaken and fat deposits under the eyes. Fluid retention can also occur, accumulating under the eyes and adding on to the puffiness. You might dislike the appearance, but it is usually harmless. Nonetheless, certain natural remedies or clinical procedures can be used to remove eyebags.

Why do I have eyebags?

Interestingly, many people assumed that their eyebags are caused by inadequate sleep. So why do you get them? In fact, there are many significant reasons behind those ‘heavy’ eyebags. Here are the following reasons to pop your bubbles of questions:

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Lack of Sleep
Pfft, what could possibly go wrong when you don’t have enough sleep? Going straight to the point, many unexpected health symptoms can arise. One of the most obvious causes of eyebags is certainly inadequate amount of sleep. Lack of sleep causes the body to retain fluid and prevent it from flushing out easily. Thus, the fluid will gather under the eyes and cause eyebags to appear easily. A recommended average number of sleeps is 6 – 8 hours daily. Ever heard of beauty sleep? That’s what you get when you neglect it and choose to sleep later than usual.

Unlike inadequate sleep which can be prevented, getting eyebags can be a natural part of aging process (which cannot be prevented). As age increases, tissues and muscles around the eyes become weaker, causing the skin to sag easily. This leads to development of bags under the eyes. However, don’t be disheartened as there are many treatment remedies available for eyebags. Determination to treat those bags is the key!

Eyebags can be caused by hereditary genes – possibly your parents or grandparents who have eyebags passed it down to you. These genetics are present in your DNA. But before you start playing the blaming game, understand that you can start certain skincare routine to reduce the appearance.

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Unhealthy lifestyle can influence the appearance of your eyebags. While you are practicing an unhealthy diet, such as salt-heavy meal or high-caloric meal, start to learn how to cut back on it (for your health and beauty). Salt causes your body to retain fluid easily, which might accumulate under the eyes and cause eyebags. Moreover, smoking can lead to bad skin conditions and affect the number of collagens present in your body. Reduction in collagens can cause wrinkles and development of eyebags. Smokers tend to sleep later than non-smokers since the nicotine withdrawal is acting actively at night. This further worsen the possibility of eyebags.

Can eyebags disappear by itself?

Can it disappear? That is the real question. Realistically speaking, most people cannot find a resolution to those eyebags. Thus, they tend to put on makeup such as concealer or color correctors to cover their eyebags. Otherwise, eye masks that help to reduce puffiness and brighten their complexion are used. For the eyebags to disappear by itself (without any call to action) might seem impossible, however, many natural remedies or clinical treatments can help to reduce its appearance gradually. Whichever treatment you prefer, it also depends on the severity of your condition (and how desperate you are to remove those bags). Natural remedies are slow yet effective while clinical treatments are immediate and effective (costly as well). Moving on to the next point, we shall understand more about treatments available to remove eyebags.

How do I remove eyebags?

If you prefer to look for affordable and effective treatments, you can seek for natural home remedies to treat your eyebags. For instance, you can use sliced potatoes and place it on each eye to diminish puffiness; potatoes contain anti-inflammatory enzymes. Before throwing away those green tea bags, put it on your eyes to reduce swelling. Similarly, green tea consists of anti-inflammatory elements which is good for the skin. You can also look for eye masks that specifically target on eye puffiness. These masks can be easily found at beauty stores (especially those Korean stores that offer bundle deals).

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On the other hand, if you want to remove your eyebags immediately, clinical treatments are best suited for you. We do have personal recommendations for you, where there are professional doctors that provides good services. For eye bag removal by a plastic surgeon, try Dr Adrian – a veteran surgeon with more than 1,200 cases under his belt. And for non-invasive methods, Illumia Therapeutics provides non-surgical eyebags removal and eye rejuvenation which are highly effective procedures.

What are you waiting for? Hurry and start to fix those bags under your eyes!